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7 Pro Effective Tips to make your Website Design Successful for New Business Venture

Digital Manohar - April 10, 2020 - 0 comments

In today’s world everyone seems to be a web designer! Search online and you will be swamp with so-called design agencies, app developers and online specialists. They all profess to be the best providing latest technology and skills to rival NASA, but how can you choose the best of all these agencies for you have spend your hard earned cash!

Get it wrong and you can find yourself in trouble for not only paying out bucks for a wrong website which doesn’t finalized your work but paying again to find someone who  can do it right! So, save yourself the distress and follow our 7 simple steps to find the best web designer company in Jaipur

  1. Expertise and Experience :  Ask them to show their portfolio. Some companies may be somewhat selective in what they display online and may not show all their work projects. Ask them to show you work they have completed similar to your own project. This will give you a rough idea whether company is capable to work functionally on your project or not. Unless your project is different, you should be wary of web designer who cannot provide you with working examples of previous projects.
  2. Budget :  Decide how much you need to spend on your project before you have a talk with web designers. If you want the best quality product than this may not mean selecting the cheapest quote.First gain an idea, regarding the duration of the project it will take. Developers you ask to quote should give you the potential number of hours which you can multiply by the industry’s average hourly rate which should give you a ball park figure as to what you are likely to have to spend to get the project right. Whereas you will not afford to  go for the most expensive quote, it is important to understand how much your product cost to have you the required result in it.
  3. Technology: Technology  is the essential tool of any web system and should play a key part in your decision making process. Now a days you will see that various agencies will specialise in certain technologies like programming languages or framework in what they have gained experience. In general, you should look both to select a technology which is portable as well as scalable in order that any future changes or growth can be amendment without a massive upheaval. For example, Ruby on Rails is a modern programming language, however, it is not used by as many agencies as opposed to PHP based framework like Laravel  or Codeigniter which are used by the majority of development houses.

Regarding scalability, it is important to question what would happen if your web traffic, products or customers were to increase over time and what would be required to ensure that your site is still able to maintain a good level of services. This may affect the decision made about the underlying databases  which supports your site, however forward-looking decision at the inception could save considerable time and cost in near future.

4.   Customer Review: The life of the company is depend on the customers. Customers play a vital role in the company. So, ask your previous clients what they have said about your selected web development company. If an agency hides nothing than their clients will be more happy at introduction. Also, look for online reviews and comments. You will be starting what could be a major project and you need to be sure that the promises you made to the sales team are backed up in reality with good service and support throughout the life of the project.

5. Copyright Terms:  Once you have decided on which agency you assign your contract or small print. Who will own the source code and copyright for the work? Will they transfer the full copyright or hold onto part of it? -This could leave you locked into the same developer for any future changes . Do they use third-party software or add-ons, if so who controls the ownership of these and will there be ongoing costs ?

A reputed agency will be up front and never try to hide behind complicated terms and conditions. You will easily be able to find out who owns all parts of the project and what ongoing liability there may be.

  6.   Confidential Disclosure Agreement: It is a contract made between two parties that outlines confidential material , knowledge or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to if it is commercial sensitive.

7   Aftercare Service: Every agency provides you services until you are their clients. But one who provide aftercare service which is vital, once your site is live that you will be able to get the original developers to support any potential issues or changes. You need to understand the level of service offered, this can range from full hosting and maintenance through on-demand service. Will they back up and manage the servers? What is their response time? It can feel like a long time if your main website is down and you are waiting for your contractors to respond. If your selected supplier does not offer you aftercare do they have a partner company or they recommend someone who supports their development? Hence, on top of all these you need to understand the costs for the service, it is important to have the level of services you required at a reasonable rate.

 So all these steps will help you to choose best agency for you! And if you find any diffculty feel free to contact our team.


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