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Srinivas, Jaipur

Digital Marketing Webdesign

Srinivas, Jaipur

Nestled in the north quarters of the pink city in Rajasthan, the private residence of Maharaj Karanvijay Singh ji of Jodhpur is one of the residences used as a central base for keeping his polo ponies. Away from the prying eyes, the residence is a reflection of his outdoor lifestyle, fondness to Africa and passion for the game “polo”. This sanctuary is a heterogeneous mix of heritage architecture, royal traditions and timeless serenity.

Designed keeping in mind the royal way of life, the residence features a large formal dining space used to host royalty, delegates, national and international sporting fraternity and friends. The interiors are warm showcasing antique furniture, old family photographs, Persian carpets while the flamboyant rooms reflect a sense of space embracing the outdoors plenty of natural light and all the comforts.


Our research phase for Srinivas Hotel was our biggest exercise in discovering and formulating the ideal user experience strategy. This informed all our UX design decisions and helped us formulate a brand new structure for their sites which would ultimately (pun intended) guide us in mapping out the mammoth content migration effectively and in such a way that search engines would be able to recognise all of these changes. Similarly, a brand new, modern and polished, fully responsive user interface was designed from the ground up, looking at where users were struggling to access content and features on the old site and making the process a lot more accessible and engaging. Digital marketing is a big part of Srinivas Hotel's overall strategy and the new site had to be totally SEO-friendly and all-powerful in the eyes of Google and designed for maximum return on paid conversions.

  • Date

    November 20, 2019

  • Skills

    UI/UX, HTML5, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, Jquery, Ajax

  • Client

    Ranbanka Palace

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Srinivas Jaipur