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How to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing: Managerial Point of View

Deepika Mundhra - January 10, 2020 - 0 comments

Starting a career in any field is a big step. The idea of building your career by following your interests and things that you’re good at is an exciting prospect that will affect your life beyond just the professional.

Through the course of our career, all of us faces opportunities and challenges to grow both personally and professionally. From Junior Executives to Managers, there are always lots of new skills to learn and within the digital marketing sector this is no different. The digital world offers an infinite opportunities across all areas of expertise for individuals to develop their skills and build knowledge.

Whether you want to start working as a freelance or in a recognized digital agency, there are a few questions to ask yourself  before entering the digital marketing sector.

  • How do you know whether you are ready to get into it?
  • What basic knowledge do you need to have?
  • What should you expect from it?

Here, you can find some real life scenarios and professional advice from people working at DIGITAL MANOHAR!


Doing a self- test is the first step to be taken while starting your career in digital. With the rapid change in trends and technologies, knowing your strengths and maximizing their impact within your area of performance is vital. understanding analytics and terminology of the industry regardless of your area of expertise will give you an invaluable competitive advantage.

Evaluate your own performance in past jobs and note where you are lacking behind, take necessary steps to improve your skills so you can reach to your desired result and ability level.


Mapping out your potential professional journey is an another important step when pursuing your digital career. Having your personal and professional goals and objectives well defined will help you make decision that will lead to your desired outcomes.There are so many avenues to go down in digital that there is bound to be something that matches your skills and interests best, and having your options mapped out in advance will lead you to make more proactive choices.

Knowing the must-have digital marketing tools, practices and processes within the sector will allow to make the most of your opportunities.


This might be one of the trickiest points. We might be good at pitching and implementing marketing activities for clients, but when it comes producing content for ourselves, the mental boundary can be much higher. Building your own, personal brand and having a place to reach, meet and compliment other’s ideal will put you on the right track to build credibility and staying up-to-date with industry development. From creating your own LinkedIn account, raising your voice on your social media platforms or having your own website, you will expand your opportunities to reach others and make a difference within your area of expertise.


Being ahead and up to date with the latest trends might not be enough in these ever-changing times. We are facing a fast-growing level of competition within the industry and we need to be ready for it. Attending training courses, getting certifications and having wide wide understanding of the the different areas of the expertise within the Digital Marketing sector will help you to say on top of the job market.


Another critical, yet sometimes underrated opportunity for professional growth is being a part of a network. Being able to talk about yourself, your areas of interest and the role you play within your company will hugely improve the quality of your connections and your credibility as a professional. Networking offers infinity opportunities personal and professional advancement within your sector.Continue to get of your comfort zone and get yourself out there!


At Digital Manohar, we work with talented, experienced and ambitious professionals.

These are the main tips and takeaway we would like to give you:

  • Sharpen your technical skills
  • Hard work and ambition can take you anywhere
  • Learn and train your knowledge as much as you can
  • Be aware of your potential and always look for opportunities to tackle new the challenges.

When it comes to build your professional in Digital Marketing, Digital Manohar  is here for all of your needs. Whether you already know the areas where your business’s website needs help or are unsure where to begin, our team of friendly experts are always happy to help. Contact us today for a consultation!

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